PSU for vacuum gauge ZJ-52T

ITS40  GC/MS ( chromatomasspectrometer ) was produced  since 1985  year of 20th sectury in cooperation of Finnigat MAT and Varian – very  relieble  longlasting device. Two of them are  still running at my laboratory.  But it has no gauge to check vacuum  produced by forevacuum pump. This article is about schematic   how to measure quality of vacuum by means of gauge ZJ-52T which can be bought on Aliexpress.

Method of measurement is  very simple – special octal tube has filament wire ( pins 2 and 3 ), when we supply some voltage to it,  becomes  hot.  Special thermoresistor connected to pins 1 and 4   and current through it depends of the quality of vacuum – as better is vacuum, as stronger is current.

PSU and measurement schemcatic is on the picture below


Secondary winding of the transformer T1 produces 20 V AC voltage, which after diode bridge and filtering gives 24 VDC volatage before the volage regulator T3 on LM317, which is connected as a current source – it’s value can be checked on mA meter.  It’s value can be adjusted in 50 – 100 mA range by variale resistor R9. This current then applied to  Wheatstone bridge on resistors R1 – R3, and as a fourth resistor of this bridge is used filament of the gauge ZJ-52T.  Zero on the measurement microampermeter ( vacuum indicator in pct )  can be adjusted by means of  resistor  R14. Maximal range – 100 % can be adjusted by the resistor R5.  I have used 100 uA microampermeter.

In order to extend  life of the gauge longer, do not supply voltage to filament until good enough vacuum is maintained.

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